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Kaaboom Fireworks

Sucker punch

Sucker punch

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We love the way Sucker Punch starts. Taking you by surprise with it’s huge volley of deep gold tails intertwined with silver howing tails rising to chrysanthemum clouds to red falling leaves and huge bursts of gold brocades and wintersweet. Volleys of silver mines errupt to red blink to chrys and green bursts with golden tails gold brocades to silver chrys. A double z-firing salvo of tourbillion tails sweep across the night sky to bursts of dark salutes to dirty gold brocades whose tips morph to white blinking stars. Straight firing tourbillion tails rise to mixed bursts of gold and silver king crowns. A gold brocade and blue star bouquet errupts to bursts of gold, orange and silver strobe followed by volleys of gold brocade and green star bouquets to gold with green and purple stars and red blink. A fanned volly follows with red & green blink bouquets to green tails bursting to gold brocade and green blink. A double volley of gold brocade mines and tails to vivid purple stars and chrysanthemum crackle cloud follow and just when you thought that was it, there’s more to come. Red glitter mines to green tails to thick golden brocade palms straight fire before a W firing triple volley of brocade mines to green star with golden palms to silver glitter on the left and right with chrysanthemum clouds in the centre which fizz away to reveal red falling leaves. A rapid Z-Firing section of purple bouquets to purple tails bursting with purple stars and white glitter. A z-firing volley of blue stars to gold time rain. Double straight firing volley of brocade mines to blue tails to brocade to time rain crackle above and just when you thought it was all over Sucker Punch delivers it’s final blow. A rapid z-firing volley of the same effects that started this amazing compound topped off with a fanned volley of dark salutes. Simple stunning! I just don’t know how VIVID do it.

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